About us

The Bowery Cannabis Club was originally founded in 2016 to connect the growing cannabis community members with each other. It was one of the pioneering organizations to provide camaraderie, education, and trusted networking for its members to connect with local enthusiasts, professionals, and entrepreneurs with connection to each other, via gatherings, and events. 

Today, the Bowery Cannabis Club membership has evolved and expanded to include the growing interest in all plant medicines and the mycelium including medicinal mushrooms, and psychedelics. 

Tapping the enriched network of resources from its partnership with The Alchemist's Kitchen, members can access "personalized health services" including complementary consultations, a network of teachers, therapists, retreats, and savings on classes, workshops, and products.

Our intention is to build a community, sharing an ethos to support personal growth, and a lifestyle powered by plants and fungi for health and well being.

Thank you for joining our journey.


- The BCC fam